Who’s Your Bubba?

Bubba?  What is a Bubba?  Bubba is a term of endearment.  They are the people in our lives that will always be there for us.  We can count on them no matter what.  Bubba’s are truly special to us.  Bubba is a term I use when I work with and train Peer Leaders.  It brings context to the characteristics we find important and valuable in others. 

We have people in our lives whose company we enjoy but we don’t permit them to get to close to us or our personal feelings.  These people are referred to as “Acquaintances”.

We also have people in our lives that we permit to be closer in our personal life and we include them in our emotional world.  We consider these people to be more than just acquaintances. We feel free to share about our lives with them and we generally care for them.  These people are referred to as “Friends”.

Then we have Bubba’s.  They are the truest of friends.  Bubba’s bring out the best in us without asking for anything in return.  They know everything about us and still love us!  There is a special connection between a bubba and us that words cannot accurately describe.  Bubba is a simple term but it can mean so much. 

Networks of Support is about identifying those characteristics that define Bubba’s and how we put those people in our lives.  How do we create a network of the correct people in our lives?  More importantly, how do we develop those characteristics in ourselves?

Networks of Support describes how to create positive systemic and sustainable change in two parts.  The first part describes how to develop an inclusive mechanism for change called “Creating a System of Change”.  The second part describes how to develop the agents for change, Peer Leaders.